CVTec Cerebrovascular Technologies GmbH

Our Company

CVTec is a pure software company located in Vienna, Austria. We're founded end of 2013 as an Austrian limited.

Our Products

We develop software for neurointerventionists. Our first product, CoilControl 3D, an occlusion rate measurement system, will be available in 2017. Further products (blood flow analysis and risk assessment system) are in the development pipeline.

Our Vision

We deliver high level products to enable our partners to concentrate on their core business areas.


Experience and expertise are essential for our high quality standards. Our associates are highly educated and trained in their respective fields of knowledge. We deliver efficient solutions to our partners requirements and challenges.


Diversity is one of the key elements of successful projects. Hence we have specialists in different domains to cover a broad portfolio. We provide individual solutions to the individual demands of our partners.


Long-term relations are more important to us then single lucrative cooperations. For this reason our responsibility is to our partners and their trust is our most valuable asset. Our aim is to support our partners in concentrating on their core business.


To ensure long lasting quality we enhance our products continously. Therefore we constantly review and evaluate all our processes.