Our Team

Georg Mach, MSc (CEO, CTO)

Georg Mach studied Electrical Engineering at the Vienna University of Technology. In January 2017 he received the academic degree "Diplom-Ingenieur", which is equivalent to a Master of Science. During his time at the Institute for Microelectronics of the Vienna University of Technology he specialized in Scientific Computing and Software Design while working on his masters thesis about Robust Computational Fluid Dynamics Simulations. Currently as CEO and CTO of CVTec he is the main developer of our software products.

Prof. Camillo Sherif, MD (CEO, CSO)

Camillo Sherif studied Medicine at the University of Vienna, Department for Medicine, where he received his doctoral grade in 2003. He is board certified as a neurosurgeon from the Austrian Society of Neurosurgery since 2008 and from the European Society of Neurosurgery since 2012. 2011 he founded the Cerebrovascular Research Group Vienna at the Medical University of Vienna, in 2012 he received his lecture qualification as assistant professor with his postdoctoral thesis about cerebral aneurysms there. Since 2016 he is Professor at the Sigmund Freud University in Vienna. Currently Camillo is working as a neurosurgean at the Hospital Rudolfstiftung in Vienna. As the CEO and CSO of CVTec he is responsible for product design and development.

Thomas Ruhm, PhD, LL.M. (CFLO)

Thomas Ruhm studied laws at the University of Vienna and received his master in 2000 and his doctoral degree in 2002 respective. In 2004 he received his degree as master of laws in banking and financial regulation from the London School of Economics and Political Science. Since 2003 Thomas is university lecturer for group law at the Institute for Law in Economics of the University of Vienna, since 2007 he lectures at the Danube University Krems. He is attorney at law and certified solicitor of the law society of England and Wales. Presently he works as a specialist for economic and business affairs at SCWP Schindhelm. At CVTec he is responsible for financial and legal affairs (Chief Financial and Legal Affairs Officer).

Roberto Plasenzotti, PhD (QM)

Roberto Plasenzotti studied veterinary medicine at the University of Veterinary Medicine in Vienna where he focused on rheology. At the moment he works as at the Department for Biomedical Research of the Medical University of Vienna as the person in charge for the new laboratory for bio-molecular applications. At CVTec he is responsible for quality management and certifications.

Karl Krista, MD, MBA (Adviser)

Karl Krista studied medicine and business management before he worked as business consultant at McKinsey with a specialization on medical engineering start-ups. Today he works not only as a freelancer but also out-licensed a pharmaceutical product. At CVTec he works as adviser mainly in the field of business strategies and marketing.